Girl On A Board Kite School is an all female team (with one male instructor in La Ventana). Our Port Alberni team is more diverse; however, we have had the opportunity to bring with us most of our La Ventana team to China Creek. Our mission is to empower everyone through sport. We focused on hiring instructors who love to teach and who also want to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe and fun! Our teachers are all professionals and have all been certified to teach through IKO International Kiteboarding Organization. To ensure our students learn as quickly as possible we use brand new radio helmets, we offer jet ski support, and we use brand new Cabrinha Switchblade kites. We offer lessons in English, and Spanish

We have found the quickest way to teach is to start with land training. We skip the trainer kite as it can develop bad habits instead we use a 5 meter kite and short lines so that you are able to develop the confidence, muscle memory and learn the theory while you are flying the kite. On day one we teach you how to set up the gear properly, to read the wind and weather/ beach conditions to identify when it is safe to kite. At the end of the lesson we teach you how to launch and land the kite and self rescue.

Everything you learned on day one we get to practice in the water Tandem. This is usually the most fun as we get to play in the water together. We use full size kites and short or long lines depending on the weather. There are a few additional skills that you need to learn such as body dragging up wind and getting in and out of the water on your own.

This is the day!! You will be on your own with the kite and with a radio helmet or with jet ski support depending on what you book. You get to show off your kite control with adding the new element of the board. For some just coordinating the kite and the board is enough while others are able to control the kite and the board and are able to practice water starts and riding! Book your advanced lesson to practice riding upwind or to learn new tricksĀ 

$ 1, 275 Includes
Beachfront accommodations, 3 days of a women's kite camp, daily yoga, breakfast, lunch and dinner
November 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
November 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
February 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
February 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
March 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Each camp is three days of kitesurfing lessons and yoga. The day will start with yoga at 9-10 am. We will have the option of doing a Vinyasa Power Class or a Yin Yoga Class. When the wind starts we will do 2-3 hours of kite lessons depending on the wind conditions. If you have children bring them they can play in the kite kids daycare during the lessons. There must be a minimum of three people per camp or the camp is subject to cancellation.
EMAIL to book your trip

Advanced Kite Coaching!
Upon Request
We have instructors who love teaching advanced lessons. After you have learned to ride upwind take additional lessons to learn to jump, back roll, front roll, kite loop and more! E-mail for more details.

Strapless or with Straps Kite Surf Coaching
Available upon request
Have you already mastered the twin tip and want to try something new or do you already surf but want help with your jibs. Our surf coach makes boards so he can also give you advice on the type board you will excel on. This clinic is for beginners to advanced. E-mail for more details.

FoilBoard Lessons or Coaching
Available upon request
We also have on our team a foil board instructor. She loves to teach and her passion is intoxicating. If your interested this is your chance to get into foilboarding. E-mail for more details.