Danielle Gee- Girl On A Board Kiteboarding Coach

If you ever catch me with a little time to chat; time in between, teaching kitesurfing or chasing after one or both babies. Then you will hear me bragging either about how amazing the students/clients that find us are. Or about my favorite topic; how amazing the team is at Girl On A Board Kite School.

Each person on our team has a unique history that has enabled them to build up the skills to be natural teachers.

Danielle, for example was a track athlete from the ages 10 to 21 she received years of professional coaching. She probably didn’t realize that she learned to be a coach from being coached so many years.

Read about Danielle in her words:

I loved sprinting because it’s an individual sport and your training was always tailored to your specific needs. At the same time you still had a team that you trained with, that became like a family, even though on the track you were competing, off the track those same competitors became friends, you always supported each other after bad races and celebrated after good ones.

When I left I realized I had a passion for sport and a passion for teaching. It came natural to me. I started as a certified fitness instructor. At the gym I was Dani or Gee. I learned how to push clients to their personal limits and adapt to each client as necessary.

I discovered La Ventana through Bark For Baja I came down to volunteer and fell in love with the place. It didn’t take long before I was hired to manage Girl On A Board Kite School and shortly thereafter before I became a certified kiteboarding instructor.

I continue to teach fitness instructing and offer private classes in La Ventana upon request. I have many referrals from my clients in Saskatchewan. My fitness instructing clients say my classes are fun and challenging. You can book with me through the kite school or at girlonaboard1@gmail.com.

I am happy to be your kite coach. I am passionate about teaching and about this sport. I feel my physical strength; calm nature and natural leadership skills make me a good teacher.