Top 3 Benefits of Foil Boarding

Read up on the three benefits of foilboarding. If this is something you want to learn we have a foilboard specialist on our team and special equipment to help you learn faster. Feel free to email us to book your foilboard lesson this winter in La Ventana.

1) Escape the crowds


It can be chaotic in high season in La Ventana. This can be fun and exciting lots of energy around you and other kiters to motivate you to try new things, as well as kiters around to help you if needed. With the kite schools teaching from jet skis you can get out of the chaos while learning. If the chaos is not your thing you will love foilboarding. You can go out kiting in the evenings when the wind is lighter and everyone else is out of the water or when the wind is light and no one else is out there. Enjoy the wind and water and the tranquility of being one of few kiters on the water. It is also calmer and more peaceful when the wind is light.


2) Enjoy a new challenge


Kiteboarding is a technical sport and once you reach a certain level of proficiency the challenge you enjoyed learning can be substituted with a new board. There are many options you can get into wakeboard boots and try new tricks, a surfboard is nice to ride the waves and for learning to jib, foilboarding is a great challenge. Foil boarding is the smoothest ride of all the boards. Once you are foiling on the foil board you glide above the chop of the waves. It is a gentle sensation on your body, which leads me to my third point.


3) Gentle on your body


Imagine a warm day with a light breeze and you are out gliding on the water. You are warm and comfortable you shift your weight to your foot to rise up above the small chop. You feel almost no vibrations on your body as you glide almost soundlessly above the water. The foil is able to lift the board off the water almost completely minimizing any jarring on your body. It is a smooth and gentle ride.