5 Updates on The Wind In China Creek Port Alberni

Girl On A Board Kite School Vancouver Island
China Creek Campground Port Alberni Girl On A Board Kite School
Our kite school has packed up and have started our migration back to La Ventana.

The wind was great this year:

1) We calculate on average 25 days of wind per May, June, July and August

2) We can count on the wind starting at 1pm at around 16 knots for a pure thermal

3) Often we get storm winds that blow all day and night and are stronger at 18-20 knots

4) Its windy even when it rains

5) Very hot days kill the wind. It creates an outflow from town and the inflow meet at China Creek creating a non windy situation

If you are planning to a camping trip (next season) look for a hot forecast as something that may make it not happen other than that you can expect wind.

Even if its not windy there are epic hiking and a nice little cafe in the campground. Plus town if 18 minutes away so you can go an explore Port Alberni.