Falling in Love with Port Alberni for the Second Time

We arrived to a welcoming of smiles, cupcakes and wine a perfect combination. The cherry on the cake was the warm weather and the winds that arrived the next day. To make a kite school work we need 20-25 days of wind out of 30. Our first season we relied on word of mouth and historic BigWaveDave reports to help us with the decision to come. Happily windy Port Alberni is windy. We are here a second season to take advantage of mothers natures windy gift. The mountainous inlet draws in the cold air from the ocean for a reliable thermal wind. The water even this early in the season isn’t too cold and luckily it will warm up quickly.

Mother Nature has also gifted Port Alberni with an abundance of towering trees. The hiking here is uplifting and terrifying to share these walking routes with bears and dear. Perhaps it is being in the presence of such abundance that the heart of the people here are so generous. No matter the reason, the wind is good, the water is flat and the community is wonderful.

We are happy to host also an abundance of events this summer. Check out our beginner kite camps, our advanced kite camps, and our surfboard camps. Email us to find out more at girlonaboard1@gmail.com